How to play fantan online Super Fantan Style

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If it comes to another form of gambling that is easy to play, it would not be out of Fantan , a simple gambling game that uses just a handful of nuts to bet. But now I think it’s starting to be difficult to follow. Maybe because it’s not very popular or takes time to finish the game slowly. Fortunately , online casinos have Fantan for us to play. But how does it play? where’s the difference Is it difficult to play? Let’s go and watch together.

How to play fantan online Super Fantan Style

What is Fantan, anyone know?

The game of Fantan , or what foreigners call it Fantan, is popularly played according to Online casinos in general with simplicity in the rules The method of play is just the dealer scoops the beans up and arranges them in a row of 4 beads until they run out, with the last row deciding whether it is 1, 2, 3, or 4. There are also odd-even bets as well.

Then super fantan where’s the difference

For Fantan in some casinos, this UFABET game is called. Super Fantan The difference is that they don’t use nuts to play, but instead use playing cards. The cards used are drawn from 6 cards and then the points are summed up. And then bring the points that have been counted onto the beaded table on the table, 4 points per row, with the last row being the deciding factor just like the original Fantan.

Although how to play Super Fantan looks tricky, but believe it or not, it takes much faster time to play. Because dealers don’t have to waste time counting beans and sorting beans because this one uses a point counting system. Most of the time, it takes about 30 seconds.