multiple personality disorder Many people in one body, is it true?

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There are many movies and series that feature the characteristics of patients with this disease as a storyline. But recently, there is a movie that brings the true story of a patient with 23 personalities in one body for us to watch. Until many people have doubts that Does such a disease really exist? How did it happen? Health will take you to get to know this disease.

multiple personality disorder Many people in one body, is it true?

What is multiple personality disorder?

Multiple Personality Disorder or Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) or the old name is Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD) is a type of psychosis in which patients have more than 2 other personalities. and show behavior that is different from the original personality

In fact, the most correct name for the disease in Thai would be ” Multiidentity Disease”.

multiple personality disorder What is the ยูฟ่าเบท cause?

The cause of multiple personality disorder may be caused by the mental state of the patient who has been severely affected since childhood. Through violent acts both physically and mentally. For example, may have been abused Abuse from those who have raised them since they can remember causing the patient to have mental symptoms that are filled with sadness, fear, paranoia, depression various mood changes Until causing the subconscious mind to create other personalities came up to express what the main personality Or the original personality can’t do it. By various personalities Created may be related to various events. occurring in the life of the patient

personality traits of patients with multiple personality disorder

examples of personality that some patients may create. For example, an aggressive personality that will come out when the main personality is bullied Characteristics of tenderness when the patient is happy naughty boy personality when the patient recalls childhood memories or the personality of a person who wants to kill himself. When the patient is in a period of sadness, disappointment and depression, etc.

In most cases, the original personality or the main personality (The patient himself) will not remember anything when the other personalities. come out to live instead In addition, one personality may remember something that happened to another. but not all And each personality will not be able to communicate or talk to each other.

Additionally, each personality comes with a different age, name, and tone of voice and behavior. It could be a 9-year-old boy, a 45-year-old housewife, a 23-year-old foreign-speaking teenage girl, a 15-year-old sober teenager, or a 29-year-old aggressive transgender woman. Life is different It is an addition to the memories of different times. in each patient’s life

multiple personality disorder with impact on life

If it sounds fun to have many personalities within us. Let aggressive people come out to help us when driving. Or let someone who speaks a foreign language come and help us when we go abroad. But in fact, many of our personalities are not so easily controlled.

Aside from the main personality being unable to control the other personalities within themselves, if they let many of them become uncontrollable. Personality shows behavior as you like. may cause other personalities to overwhelm the main personality. Or may accidentally do something wrong that is too much. As in other countries, there are cases where patients with multiple personality disorder commit murder cases. In which the patient himself does not remember anything or has friends and acquaintances come to greet in which the patient does not remember having known each other before, etc.

multiple personality disorder Is there a cure or not?

Multiple personality disorder is a chronic mental disorder that may come and go, recur and intermittently. depending on the mental state of the patient at that time Multiple personality disorder takes a long time to heal. may not reach the point of erasing all personality completely. But patients may have the opportunity to learn how to control. Or live with other personalities safely and happily, does not affect life in society much

Patients will have symptoms that will get better. After the age of 40 years when receiving treatment by psychotherapy. or direct hypnosis from a psychiatrist by allowing the patient to vent the story and past feelings that have caused self-harm but did not dare to reveal it to anyone Because of these severely traumatic events It is the cause of the patient’s behavioral deviation until it becomes the creation of a new personality. to replace their original personality up there