7 foods you should stop eating If you want to get rid of migraine headaches

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Probably not everyone has experienced migraine headaches. Headaches when stressed, lack of rest, overwork of the brain or eyes Or it may come from many other reasons, but if you are a person who has migraine headaches constantly. You probably understand the severity and annoyance of it. Taking strong medicine is not good for your Health will tell you 10 foods that should be avoided. If you want to recover from migraine headache food.

7 foods you should stop eating If you want to get rid of migraine headaches

Foods you should stop eating If you want to get rid of migraine headaches

1. Alcohol

alcoholic beverages In particular, “red wine” is a trigger for about 30% of migraine headaches ever, in addition to other types of alcohol. also makes the body dehydrated which can also trigger headaches (when hangs hard So I often get headaches too.)

2. Caffeine

If you have migraines You shouldn’t drink too much caffeine. Because caffeine reacts with the senses of the brain. That is linked to migraine itself. but vice versa If you sip slowly Just a little It can also reduce headaches at that specific time as well. and with some people having a headache and hurrying to find coffee to drink to recover Maybe it’s because you’re a caffeine addict. And headaches are side effects of caffeine addiction.

3. Aged cheeses

Thai people may not eat this kind of cheese very much. But anyone living abroad may have eaten You may be addicted to the flavor of this type of cheese, but gorgonzola (blue cheese), camembert and cheddar cheeses. Can be a trigger for migraine headaches as well This may be because these cheeses contain tyramine, which interacts with neurotransmitters in the โปรโมชั่น ufabet body. that can cause migraine headaches

4. Processed Meat

In addition to increasing your risk of cancer, read “Stop Eating! Sausage, ham, bologna, if you don’t want to die of cancer” here ) is also a great migraine headache trigger. Because these foods are high in sodium nitrate. This causes changes in brain chemistry that can lead to headaches.
5. MSG

In addition to causing diabetes , it also causes migraine headaches. Research shows that 2.5% of people with headaches from food ingredients Which is MSG itself. MSG usually comes with quite a lot of packaged food. Therefore, if you can reduce eating instant food such as frozen food, canned food or instant noodles. It can help reduce migraine headaches.

6. Citrus fruits

Some people may feel good, feel refreshed if they taste the sweet and sour taste of these fruits such as oranges, lemons, grapefruits, but for others, especially migraine sufferers, it may have the opposite effect. These sour tastes can trigger a headache even more. Therefore, it is recommended that you try to drink. or eat a small amount of this type of fruit If you feel better, continue taking it, but if not, it’s better to avoid it. Or eat it as fresh fruit rather than as a cold drink. Type of lime smoothie, orange smoothie, the coolness of the ice if you drink it quickly. It can cause a cold headache to the brain.

7. Artificial sugar or sweetener instead of sugar

It is often found in some snacks or beverages such as soft drink, 0% sugar type, artificial sugar. Doctors often instruct migraine sufferers not to drink or eat foods that contain sweeteners. Because it is a substance that stimulates migraine headaches as well as ever.
Although these diets are not appropriate for migraine sufferers, But if citrus fruits are not counted, then The rest is food that should be reduced. whether you are a patient or not

Therefore, if you do not want to have migraines as a congenital disease You should choose to eat only useful food. exercise regularly get enough rest and clearly divided work time and rest time Ensuring that your life is definitely not suffering from disease.