What are the vocabulary in playing cards, dummy?

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Before we get into how to play it. Everyone should understand the terminology. About playing dummy first that each word What does it mean. Let’s see.

What are the vocabulary in playing cards, dummy?

1. Occurrence
when any player collects a card from the central and put that set of cards on the table deemed that that player is “born” and the player who was born A matched card in hand can be placed on the table. both in that eye and in the next

2. Depositing
Depositing is connecting at least one card (deposit card) from the set that has already been “born” on the table. Whether it’s another player’s birth set or of their own birth set by depositing the cards It will not affect the UFABET game or the score. It’s just a deposit. At the end of the game, we will bring the cards that we deposited. Keep counting the scores as usual. Which Add has given an example for you to see as follows.

for example

If Player A places a card of 8♣ 9♣ 10♣ J♣ on the table. Player B has the right to deposit Q♣ (or 6♣ 7♣ as well) by placing those cards. It will go down when it’s Player B’s turn. If Player B deposits by placing 7♣, other players will not be able to deposit 6♣, but will be able to deposit Q♣ next to the tenth. Simply put, the depositor can only deposit to the person born. Cannot be deposited to the depositor together

But if at any time a QKA card is not able to continue depositing, for example, Mr. A. puts the QKA card on the table, Player B. will not have the right to deposit 2 or 3. But if Player A. Places three sets of 9 9. 9 is placed on the table, any player with the remaining 9 card numbers can also deposit.

The deposit will be able to put the cards down only when it is a playing round. of that player Cannot be deposited in other players’ rounds. Or, if a player has already been “born”, they can hold the deposit in their hand until the end of the game.

3. Dark knocking,
if any player can “knock” without being “born” at all, is drawn from the draw pile only. or collecting cards from the center and immediately “knocked” without being “born” before, that player is considered “dark knock”

4. Falling of the building.
If any player has not been “born” (not collecting any cards from the midfield) and the other player “knocked”, it is considered that that player has fallen off the building. All points held in hand will be double negative.

5. Foolishness.
If any player discards a card. and the next player collects only that card and knocks The player who discards the card will be deducted another 50 points, so it is called “stupid” and the next game is dealt reverse. Starting from the first knocked out person.