Shearer joins Rashford ‘s birthday party after Manchester United’s derby defeat.

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Marcus Rashford continues to face criticism from those involved. After going out to a birthday party after the game Manchester United lost 3-0 to Manchester City two weeks ago.

Shearer joins Rashford's birthday party after Manchester United's derby defeat.

Alan Shearer, former Newcastle striker has come out to criticize young striker Marcus Rashford. After he was rumored to have gone to a birthday party after the Premier League match that Manchester United lost to. Home to Manchester City 2 weeks ago

After the Manchester derby game, where the Red Devils were thrashed 3-0 at Old Trafford, it was reported that Rashford had gone out to party at a nightclub. Celebrated his 26th birthday, which earned him heavy criticism from fans and those involved.

One of them is Alnan Shearer, former England striker. The person mentioned this matter saying:

“There have been many times when this kind of thing has happened to me. When the plan was to go to dinner after the game. But after we lost the game on Saturday night, I said, ‘I can’t go out. I’m not going anywhere.’ You can’t go into town to go to a nightclub when you’re being beaten 3-0 by your neighbors. You can’t do that. It didn’t work at all.”

“It’s stupid. It’s stupid of Marcus to do that, whether it’s your birthday or not. You cannot go outside after the game. Dinner was different. If you’re going out to eat, you might have to use the excuse of going out with your girlfriend or someone else,” Shearer said.