‘Mohamed Salah’ refuses to interview reporters Tell him to say it now

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Mohamed Salah refused to give an interview about his argument with Jurgen Klopp during the draw with West Ham United. But he did say that if he were to talk right now there would be anger.

At the end of the game, Liverpool were in need of more goals. While Salah, Darwin Nuñez and Joe Gomez were preparing, West Ham scored an equalizing goal

while Salah was waiting to come onto the field. And While there, he talked with Klopp before an argument arose, causing Nuñez to walk over and put his emotions on hold.

At the end of the game, Klopp later said in an interview that they had talk in the dressing room and it was over. Without revealing what the problem was. And when asked, has this matter been cleared up already? The http://ufabet999.app replied: “I think so.”

Salah – usually a happy and encouraging team-mate – was clearly frustrated. With the Liverpool manager and engaged in a public argument with Klopp that has left fans fuming.

However, it looked like Salah might still be emotional after the game as he walked onto the club bus.

As Salah walked out onto the club bus, he was questioned by a reporter. But he refused to give an interview to the waiting reporters but still said in conclusion: “If I say it today, I’ll get angry,” said

Jamie Carragher, Liverpool’s defender who acts as a guru, thinking that the reason for this may be because Salah should have prepared himself and gone onto the field. Even before West Ham scored an equalizing goal.