Dyche is very proud that ‘Toffee’ has escaped relegation.

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Sean Dyche, manager of the “Blue Toffee” Everton team, is proud of the work of his players. Who have helped fight until their survival in the Premier League is guaranteed. After successfully defeating Brendford at home 1-0 on Saturday.

The Merseyside side have endured a difficult season as the team. Were cut eight points after they breached Premier League financial rules.

But even so The Toffee players also helped each other to create an excellent performance. Having won 4 out of the last 5 games,

they increased their points to 36 points, 11 points more than Luton Town, the team ranked 18th in the relegation zone, with only 3 games left to play.

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“I feel incredibly happy and proud. Believe” Dyce, who came to save Everton from being relegated since last season. Said in January 2023:

“They are a group of players who have faced adversity all season. Four clean sheets in the last five games and to win them all after the Chelsea game is amazing.”

“The mentality of the players is excellent. extremely happy I’m very proud.”